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The project site is situated near the biggest river of Bangladesh, Meghna. They have undertaken survey of the river draught conducted by Bangladesh River Trimming and Management Department consultants. The river along with project site has a draft of 30 meters. The navigable allowance for the river Meghna is 3000 tons vessel. Such vessel usual draft is not exceeding 10 meters. Azna & Azna LPG plant have a pontoon jetty landing with a draft of 14 meters plus. Thus LPG carrying barges can easily dock at the jetty. So, they will not have any problem to carry LPG to their site by LPG tanker from foreign countries. At the site pontoon, gangway will be constructed for carrying.
The LPG Gas will be currently imported from Qatar, Oman, and some other Gulf Countries. LPG Trading companies also ship LPG from Singapore trading terminals. Bulk LPG is imported into Mongla Port and will transfer (transship) the gas to smaller vessels which has carrying capacity of 500 tones. These tankers will bring the gas to the terminal plant. The sourcing of LPG will be based on semiannual contracts & also a portion of the requirement will be met from spot market purchases.


The filling station will have the capacity of 200 MT per shift. Azna & Azna would have a filling carousal system to fill the bottles. So, 24 post electronic filling carousel system will be installed in order to fill bottles. Empty bottles will be organized in conveyor belt manually. Then it will be filled automatically in carousel & finally through conveyor belt it will be carried to cylinder storage room.