• Call for Distributor / Dealership - Number to be announced
  • From the very beginning the sponsors decided to opt for a unique format for financing the project. Moving away from traditional Debt & Equity based funding.

  • The funds will have to be from institutions and sponsors who believe in Climate Change is a is a major concern for today‚Äôs world.

  • The project is designed to be IFC standard Environment Impact Compliant. The goal of the project is not only to have a profitable business entity but significantly contribute to help preserve nature and address the impacts of climate change, to also address the marginal communities who are victims of climate change.

  • All financial stake holders to have similar Philosophy.

  • The Equity and Debt Partners will be joining hands to make the project a successful business entity at the same time make an impact to preserve planet earth.

  • International Investment Partners are major contributors to this project along with the local shareholders.