• Call for Distributor / Dealership - Number to be announced
  • From the very beginning the sponsors decided to opt for a unique format for project designing, project financing, project operation.
  • To have a measurable business strategy, how the project operation has impacted for the better business practices, have distribution models to benefit small and medium enterprises along with bringing economic and health benefits to the rural poor of the country.
  • The business processes of the company will be full transparent, compliant to laws of the land and follow practices for zero tolerance to any un ethical practices.
  • The funds will have to be from institutions and sponsors who believe in Climate Change is a is a major concern for today‚Äôs world.
  • The project is designed to be IFC standard Environment Impact Compliant. The goal of the project is not only to have a profitable business entity but significantly contribute to help preserve nature and address the impacts of climate change, to also address the marginal communities who are victims of climate change.
  • All stake holders to have similar Philosophy.